How to Find Your Car When You Park at the Airport

Jefferson George writes travel advice and provides these insights from readers about how to remember where you parked when you leave your car in airport parking lots.

“Observer readers offered tips on how to navigate the parking lots at Charlotte’s airport and, more importantly, remember where you parked. Multiple people advised writing the name of the lot and letter and number of the row where your car is parked on your ticket and taking it with you. Other suggestions — from how to find your car to how the airport can reduce confusion — are below:

“With your cell phone camera, take a picture of where you parked and the shuttle stop with the letter. When you are back in Charlotte, show it to shuttle driver, and they’ll know where it is.” Altyn Cotell

“Although it has gotten harder due to crowded lots, I would always park at the same letter in long-term parking so I would not have to remember a new one each time.” Danielle Mathieson

“I have always experienced long delays in getting my bag from baggage claim. Then I’d waste more time waiting for the parking shuttle bus. Now I get off the plane and head directly to the shuttle bus. I get dropped off at my car, then come back to the terminal and park my car in hourly parking. I head inside just as my bags are at baggage claim, get my bag, then head back to my car and leave. Best of all, the first 30 minutes of hourly parking are free, so I save time without sacrificing money!” Lee Freedman