Why I Love Bradley Best of All

The other day I flew in and out of my favorite airport, Hartford/Springfield’s Bradley International. The reasons I love it is because of its location just off Interstate 91. There is virtually never any traffic going in or going out.

If I were to travel out of the next nearest airport, Boston’s Logan International, there would be an inevitable traffic delay getting in, although it is a little better now that the Ted Williams Tunnel is in service. Still, when I see those red taillights up ahead and I’ve got a plane to catch, it makes me anxious.

And then when you get to Logan, where do you park? The parking lots all cost a minimum of about $16.50 per day. And they are located relatively far away from the airport.

Contrast this with Bradley: No traffic, and there are parking lots that offer $4.95 per day parking, and it is just a nicer experience overall. And where I park, they warm up my car and pull it right out front for me so it’s ready to zoom away quickly.

But more often than Boston, a trip is departing out of JFK in New York. Ugh. That means the bumpy Cross Bronx Expressway, parking at the terminal lot for $15 per day, and the worst part of it is, I often lose track of where my car was parked since the lot is so damn big. That is the huge downside of using the ‘economy lot’ at JFK. It’s very easy to forget where you parked. It might be a good idea to photograph where you left your vehicle, so that when you get back you can find your car.

Next month I am flying to Medellin, Colombia on business. Thank god my ticket starts in Hartford, my favorite airport.