Park at the BART Lot & Lug Your Bags–Ugh!

In San Francisco, a plan by some Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations to offer long-term airport parking is getting many travelers revved up. The premise of being able to park for $6 a day is getting their attention.

But even if the parking is eventually offered at BART stations, how many air travelers are willing to schlepp their luggage from their cars on the trains all the way to SFO? In this parker’s experience, mass transit and airport parking don’t always mix. Dragging suitcases and toting carry-ons and briefcases just isn’t fun, and so this proposal sounds like it will only appeal to those who are looking for a super parking bargain. I’d rather pay a little more at the lot and take a shuttle bus with all of my stuff. Plus the drivers always have a few good war stories to share.

Local off airport parking lot operators could lose a lot of business if the proposal goes through. And that means local governments will also lose tax revenues as well.

The questions regulators are considering are whether the new parking will be used by BART customers or by the general public. BART will offer up to 100 spaces in the Colma, South San Francisco and San Bruno stations and up to 200 at Millbrae station.