I Wanna Fly on the Dreamliner–Please!

Sunday was a great day for anyone who flies or who loves airplanes. That’s because Boeing rolled out its newest lightest, most fuel efficient plane ever–the 787 Dreamliner. The Register in the UK had this to say about this plane that has already gotten 677 orders from 47 airlines and will begin flying in August.

The plane uses 20 percent less fuel, and is much quieter than any other plane. The secret is what it’s made of….instead of aircraft aluminum, the plane is mostly composite materials, and instead of 50,000 rivets, it’s made in huge pieces.

Another innovation is that the cabin pressure will be much lower, it will be like flying at an altitude of 6000 instead of 31,000 feet. Usually the cabin pressure is about 7-8000 feet, after a few hours, fatigue and dryness set in. This will make a big difference to passengers.

On the Today Show this morning, one reporter surmised that this plane is more than just fuel efficient and comfy. It might just be a reason to fly a particular airline. Now instead of just flying whatever airline is cheaper, you might want to pick the carrier who has a Dreamliner flying your way. Soon there will be cellphone service and internet in the skies as well.

One last thing–the windows. The Dreamliner’s windows can be lightened or darkened by the touch of a button, no longer will it be ‘shade up or down.’ And they even put a window in the lavatories!