Even on Wednesday

In a record-setting summer for air travel, airports are getting more and more crowded all the time — even during the middle of the week.

Jim Tharpe of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that low-priced midweek airfares, combined with the overall increase in traffic have eliminated the lull in traffic that Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport used to experience between peaks on Mondays and on weekends.

Airtran Airways spokesman Tad Hutcheson told Tharpe, “Wednesdays have become a very difficult time to find a parking place at the airport.”

Tharpe also interviewed Patti Morgan, a frequent business traveler who switched from “always busy Mondays” to midweek, only to find the airport “significantly more crowded.”

“Morgan said she missed a Tuesday flight in mid-June,” Tharpe writes, “after she spent nearly an hour searching for a parking space.”

Airports are responding to the increases in demand for parking with websites and information lines that tell you where you can probably get a space, but why not be certain and reserve a space with AirportParkingReservations.com?

After all, you never know when that sign is going to go up sending you off to the dreaded, not-so-easy-to-find “Lot B17.”