When a Senator Calls, CEO’s Answer the Phone

Chuck Schumer is a powerful man…a Senator who can pick up the phone and get the CEOs of many companies to take the call. He proved this the other day when the Senator visited Plattsburg in upper New York State and rallied the locals, encouraging them to try and attract more airlines to the former air force base there.

He made a convicing pitch. After all, he helped bring Jet Blue, Air Trans and Delta to Stewart Airport, located at another closed air force base in Newburgh. Now this former base is poised to be considered NYC’s fourth airport, with hundreds of thousands of passengers each year.

He cited Plattsburg’s nearly 12,000 foot long run way. It’s big enough to accommodate any passenger plane flying today.

He said that Montreal was the key to Plattsburg airport’s success. The big metropolitan area has an airport burdened with high costs, and a bad location, so if they just marketed to the North, good things like aerospace jobs and new carriers would come.