Now You Can Get Euros, Dollars and Pounds in Airport ATMs

For overseas travelers, one of the traditions is the age-old debate: Should I change dollars into Euros or pounds at the airport, or should I wait until we get to a bank in the city. Almost every time I travel I ask myself this, and then want foreign currency and have to find a bank.

At London’s major airports, the choice is getting a little easier. Now they have installed ATMs that dispense both dollars, euros and pounds, at the same exchange rate as the Travelex or Forex bureau. Plus they will be open 24-hours instead of just airport hours.

The innovation follows similar moves at Luton and Gatwick airports.

So the next time a person you’re traveling with conveniently never gets around to converting his dollars into Euros and you’re footing all the bills on credit, nudge him toward that ATM machine you passed in the terminal.