Grand Rapids Expands–and Parking is Key

Grand Rapids Airport in Michigan is expanding, and parking is playing a big role. At the bottom of this story it says that parking costs will jump. That’s an even better reason to use the APR website to find cheaper parking just outside the airport gates.

The drive into the airport will be straightened; the 600-foot drive that runs the length of the terminal will be covered with a glass-and-steel canopy that mimics the wave-like roof of downtown’s DeVos Place; and two skywalks will lead passengers from the ramp to the terminal. Airport Business had the story.

Short-term parking and all rental-car facilities will take up the bottom level of the ramp. The plans also call for a station for The Rapid bus service.

Airport officials said the ramp is needed to meet growing needs and to make a good first impression on visitors.

The airport will contribute $20 million to the project and will pay for the rest through a bond, which the county board must approve. The airport plans to repay the bond through parking and rental car fees, Koslosky said.

That will mean an increase in parking fees, he said. He expects long-term rates, for example, to jump to between $10 and $15 a day. Now, visitors pay $8 a day.