Copenhagen’s Airport Innovates for Security

One of the best things about being a travel editor is that I get to experience airports and airport parking around the world.

This morning I checked into the airport in Copenhagen. One of the nicest things here are the hardwood floors throughout the terminal. Having this dark wood instead of the typical linoleum makes the whole terminal feel more homey and less stark.

The other nice thing is the lighting…it is downward tilted halogen, not the bright flourescent that we usually find in US airports.

Checking through security, CPH has another innovation. When you enter the security area, the conveyor belt uses low flat bins to put your stuff in that goes through the x-ray. After you get through, a man takes the empty bins and slides them down a conveyor that goes underneath the security area. So they don’t have to continually pick up and bring the bins by hand back to the waiting passengers.

This system works better than what we have in the US. Now if they just offered free wireless, well then we’d truly love this airport!