Alternate Airports: Another Clever Site from JJ

Arthur Frommer is a legend in the travel world. Diminutive, shy, brash and evasive, I’ve seen him whizzing past our tradeshow booth at the Adventure Expo a few years in a row. He’s just got too many people to see, things to write about, and in May he wrote about a website published by a buddy of mine: Johnny Jet.

The Jetster, as he is known by GoNOMAD folks, is always on the go, always on his latest trip. But while he’s almost always on the road, he does have time to create interesting and informative websites. Frommer loved his site called Alternate Airports.

This site lists major airports and then provides suggestions on lesser known nearby fields. Many travelers don’t realize that runways such as the one at Westover Air Force base, in Chicopee MA, now offers passenger service. This is true with hundreds of other lesser known airports, and Johnny’s site lists them all.

I can predict that if Skybus, the new airline that is based on Ryanair, succeeds, there will be more start-ups like this, making use of lesser known fields. This site will become more and more valuable as the crowded skies seek more places from which to get planes up in the air.