It Takes a Village to Park One Million Cars

Congratulations are in order for a milestone. Airport Parking Reservations is coming up on its millionth online airport parking reservation. This announcement went out to the press yesterday.

“If you were to park one million cars end to end, how much room would you need? According to Tom Lombardi,the line would stretch from New York City to Los Angeles.

“When I first spoke to parking lot owners about making reservations online, they thought I was crazy. Who would go to the Internet to book parking?” Lombardi recalls. With a background in travel agency sales and airport parking marketing, he knew that travelers would be happy
to reserve parking at the airport if given the proper delivery system.

The Internet, he realized, would allow for the consolidation of the independent parking lots and provide the means to issue a confirmation as proof of a guaranteed parking reservation.

Pete Carrea, owner of Winner Parking in Philadelphia, was one of the first to sign on. “I jumped at the idea of attracting new customers through the Internet and delivered from day one,” he says. “If you’re online researching airport parking, you obviously don’t know where to park. So it’s no surprise that is my single biggest source of new