Another Good Reason Not To Park at Tampa Airport

On the Bay9 News website today, a report about how the Tampa International Airport is raising its parking rates on June 15.

The airport says increased demand makes the fee hike necessary. More operating fees and costs, apparently.

But at least they are making it easier to pay. By next January you will be allowed to use a SunPass lane transponder instead of having to pull out cash or your credit card.

For Longterm parking it will cost $1 for the first 20 minutes (the first hour will still be free) and $15 maximum per day. The old rate was $14 per day and $1.25 per 30 minutes.

A quick visit to the APR site found A-1 Express Services valet parking. A week there would cost you about $6.00 per day. That’s less than half the cost of the new rates at TIA’s on site lot.