A Smart Move Would be to Attract Parkers On Line

In Portland, Maine, it sounds like someone could make a lot of money offering parking just outside of the airport. That’s because right now, there isn’t enough parking for the passengers. And Air Trans has announced it is beginning service to Portland on June 7. The Press Herald, where yours truly once was a cub reporter in 1981, had the story.

So what’s an aspiring parking mogul to do? Well, airport administrators are trying to convince the City Council to tear down their old lots, a two-story 570 space garage and another with 1142 spaces, and replace it with two newer structures with 2181 spaces. But that takes time. So does floating bonds to cover the $36 million cost. These lots fill up so often that the city “has had to use off-site parking” for the past three months. The Horror!

Forecasts say that 937,000 passengers will leave from Portland Maine in about eight years. That’s a lot of cars that will need spaces.

Yep, it’s a smart move for a parking lot owner to make a deal to get his lot included on Airport Parking Reservations website. That way they’ll get new web customers from Maine, New Hampshire and beyond, and fill up their parking lots.