Spotskey Sells Nooks and Crannies of Parking

These Guys are taking the parking business into smaller venues…crannies of opportunity.

“Spotskey is a new way to find parking and storage. “Our aim is to bring together people who have spare parking/storage spots with people who are looking to rent them. Our goal is to become the biggest parking and storage search engine on the web, making it simple and easy to find all your spots!

Matching frustrated motorists with the owners of empty parking spots can bring significant financial benefits to both parties, especially in major cities where parking is at a premium.

Most people who are renting out their parking spot can expect to earn between $50-$500 a month, depending on the location and demand for parking in your area. That means you can potentially pay your rent for a month, two months, possibility 3 months out of the year.

A recent study suggests that 30% of traffic in metropolitan areas is caused by motorists looking for parking. SpotsKey’s reserved parking structure means these motorists will not have to circle the block three or four times, reducing traffic.

Sounds like a good idea!