Airport readies for more parking in Hudson Valley

Parking suddenly at a premium. The MidHudson News reports today that they are running out of parking at the local airport.

Stewart Airport – The new found success of Stewart Airport with the recent addition of two major discount airlines has caused an instant problem with the once near-empty parking lot.

The lot is now overflowing with airport officials scurrying to find alternate parking. One extra parking lot, a couple of blocks from the terminal, has been reopened and other parking is planned, said airport spokeswoman Tanya Vanasse.

“They did put in automatic parking machines in the alternate lot, so the process has gotten a little easier for customers to use that alternate lot,” she said. “We have opened up another area that gives us a little additional parking. We have done some things that were quick fixes that make the process easier.” Airport officials are in the process of paving one area to make way for more parking space near the terminal.

In the long term, the airport will explore other alternatives including the possibility of building decked parking.