Sometimes It’s Just More Fun to Leave Hubby Behind on Safari

Leopards relaxing in South Africa. photo from
Leopards relaxing in South Africa. photo from

Did you know that many women prefer to take vacations abroad with other women, and not their husbands?  It’s a trend that’s gaining ground as many couples realize they just don’t have as much in common and they want different things out of a vacation.

Stephen Hartshorne wrote about a company that takes women to South Africa for a luxury safari holiday on the website.  He points out that while many woman-only tours focus on conventional sight-seeing, shopping and spas, others add a greater element of adventure, taking bold women into the jungles of the Amazon or the South African savannah.

Yolanta Barnes of Sights and Soul Travel has been planning and hosting women-only trips in Europe since 2002, both “classic” tours to places like London or Italy and more “avant-garde” destinations like Poland, Portugal or Croatia.

Sights and Soul now has a large group of repeat travelers who enjoy the company’s balancing of culture, adventure and luxury, and Barnes says a number of her clients expressed an interest in “taking the next step in travel and adventure.”

“You tend to progress from New York to Europe to Africa,” she says, “although some people say they want to do the more challenging destinations while they’re still fit and leave easier places for later years.”