London’s So Busy this Summer: Tips on How to Get Around

The London Overground: One way to get around the city.
The London Overground: One way to get around the city.











London is where all the action is these days.  With the recently completed Queen Elizabeth’s big Jubilee, and the very exciting summer Olympics coming up soon, thousands of visitors will descend on the city…and they’ll all need to get around and a place to stay. recently published a story about many ways to get around London, based on a book by Karen White. There are so many options–The famous London Underground, the Overground, the Black Taxis, London’s buses and the Docklands Light Railway.

The city’s underground is the oldest in the world, started back in 1863.  The temperatures during the summer can go up to 117 degrees F, but today there is air conditioning on some trains.

But well-heeled visitors to London are more likely to take taxis and Black Cabs. You hail them from the street, and this would be a perfect way to arrive at St. Ermins 4 Star Hotel Westminster.

I mean, who wants to show up a classy place like this sweating after a trip across town in the hot underground?